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3 years ago

Newrest is committed to sustainable fishing worldwide





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Positively, the pandemic has caused society and individuals to rethink their habits. Eating well has become a major societal concern. Consumers are increasingly concerned about checking the origin and quality of their products.

CSR is an integral part of Newrest’s evolution and guides all its strategic decisions. The group shares these values and wishes to participate in the societal mutation that is taking place. It goes through local and responsible purchasing as a start.


The decay of marine fish resources is a current world issue. Newrest has decided to act by eliminating the following endangered fish:

  • Bluefin tuna and bigeye/patuda tuna:
    • Southern Bluefin Tuna – Thunnus maccoyii
    • Atlantic Bluefin Tuna – Thunnus thynnus
    • Pacific Bluefin Tuna – Thunnus orientalis
    • Bigeye Tuna – Thunnus obesus
  • Blackspot seabream – Pagellus bogaraveo
  • Haddock: Melanogrammus aeglefinus
  • Swordfish: Xiphias gladius
  • All shark species

These species have been removed from the purchasing catalogue of the 57 countries where the group is present. They will therefore no longer be offered in its restaurants. By validating the commitment to sustainable fishing, the teams are convinced that they are laying the first foundation for change. As a global catering company, food is a fundamental pillar of Newrest’s CSR policy. It is no coincidence that Newrest has met this objective 4 years ahead of its global forecasts.

The Newrest Group reaffirms and reinforces its commitments in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility through the multiple repercussion of this success.


Founded in 1996 as Catair, Newrest Group, chaired by Olivier Sadran and Jonathan Stent-Torriani, is now the only operator to operate in all catering and related service sectors: inflight catering, buy-on-board, duty free on board, catering, remote sites services, rail catering, airport catering concessions and motorways.

With 29,500 employees in 57 countries, Newrest Group, with a managed turnover of 1,365 billion euros in 2020, is also the world’s leading independent player in inflight catering.

Newrest is committed to a process of continuous improvement and innovation in the services offered to its customers, as well as in the well-being and progression of its employees and managers. The sustainable development of the company and the respect of social and environmental values are at the heart of its activities.

Thu 04 2021

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