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2 weeks ago

Newrest and the energy transition in Tahiti !


Newrest is committed to the energy transition in French Polynesia.

One of its flagship initiatives is the deployment of 420 solar panels on the island of Tahiti, and here we explore the details of this project and its impact on the environment.

The project

As part of the project to renovate the FAA production site, the Group wanted to align itself with French Polynesia’s policy of developing renewable energies.

A photovoltaic power plant comprising 420 solar panels with a capacity of 335 kWp was therefore installed.

The project cost 350k€. The first kw will be injected into the grid on August 1.

Environmental impact

By reducing the share of fossil fuels in Polynesia’s energy mix, these solar panels contribute to the fight against global warming.

What’s more, in the context of the global energy crisis, this accelerated energy transition is essential to ensure the region’s sustainability and resilience.

The Newrest group is demonstrating its commitment to the environment by actively participating in Tahiti’s energy transition.
These solar panels are a step towards a cleaner, more sustainable future for French Polynesia.

Wed 07 2024

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