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Newrest animates its restaurants to raise awareness of World Ocean Day









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World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day was launched in 1992 following the Rio Summit. Its aim is to make June 8 of each year an opportunity to raise public awareness of the need for better management of the oceans and their resources. UNESCO, in collaboration with its Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC), is committed to developing knowledge about the oceans and protecting them sustainably.

The ocean covers more than 70% of the planet, and is our source of life. It produces at least 50% of the planet’s oxygen and is home to most of the Earth’s biodiversity. It is also the main source of protein for over a billion people worldwide. However, with 90% of large fish populations already depleted and 50% of coral reefs destroyed, we are taking more from the ocean than can be replenished.

Under the theme “Planet Ocean: Changing Currents”, the United Nations is joining forces with decision-makers, indigenous leaders, scientists, private sector executives, civil society, celebrities and youth activists to put the ocean first.

In celebrating World Ocean Day, Newrest reminds everyone that the oceans play a vital role in our livelihoods.


Animations in Newrest restaurants

Newrest, aware of the crucial importance of preserving the oceans, has launched an initiative to educate and raise awareness among its guests on this vital issue. By integrating educational animations into its restaurants during the month of June, Newrest aims to promote collective awareness.

Awareness-raising kits, including posters and themed menus, are key tools for conveying the message in a visual and interactive way. The focus is on local, low-carbon products, balanced menus based on sustainably caught fish, and good waste sorting practices.


The Sulubaaï Foundation

Newrest has chosen to highlight the initiative of the Sulubaaï Foundation, created by a Frenchman, Frédéric Tardieu.  The Sulubaaï Foundation’s mission is to restore marine ecosystems. The foundation works mainly on Pangatalan Island and Shark Fin Bay in the Philippines. Pangatalan Island, on the northeast coast of Palawan, covers an area of 4.5 hectares.

Here are some of their actions:

  • Ecological restoration: The foundation is actively involved in restoring marine ecosystems. Its work involves restoring the structure of damaged coral reefs and encouraging coral growth. By contributing to the survival of fish in their primary stages of development, it plays an essential role in preserving marine biodiversity.
  • Scientific research: In collaboration with scientists, Sulubaaï conducts in-depth studies to better understand marine ecosystems. Its aim is to develop innovative methods and techniques to better protect these precious habitats. It aspires to become a center for tropical ecological restoration, where scientific knowledge is put into practice.
  • Education and training: The Foundation actively raises awareness of the marine environment among the younger generation. It organizes educational programs to train local populations in the sustainable management of marine resources. By investing in education, Sulubaaï is helping to create a collective awareness of the need to protect our oceans.
  • Community involvement: Sulubaaï supports local communities on a daily basis. It offers professional opportunities and organizes events to promote exchanges and respect for the environment. By actively involving local people, the foundation reinforces its positive impact on marine ecosystems and the communities that depend on them.


The Sulubaaï Foundation plays an essential role in preserving the oceans and raising public awareness. By adopting corals or supporting their projects, you can all contribute to restoring marine ecosystems and protecting our blue planet!

Wed 06 2024

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