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Newrest cage-free commitment 2023 update









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Newrest is an international group, implemented in more than 50 countries which results in having to deal with different regulations, cultures and contexts.

Cage-free eggs

The group is committed to buying 100% egg products coming from cage-free framed hens by 2025 and continuously work towards this goal. It is part of its priorities for the next coming years even though it is a challenge.

In some regions of the world where the catering group operates, there are difficulties finding compliant suppliers that meet cage-free eggs standards :

  • Proposing cage-free eggs options
  • Being compliant with the groupe QHSE policies
  • Meeting certain volumes to satisfy the needs
  • Answering clients’ specifications
  • Maintaining a competitive price

Recent events are disrupting Newrest efforts on the matter. Avian flu emerged again in some countries creating supply chain tensions and global inflation is slowing down the client shifting process to cage-free egg products.

Despite difficulties faced, Newrest remains committed to reaching 100% cage-free eggs by 2025. In 2022, the group improved the way in which data is collected allowing Newrest to publish information twice a year from now on.

The group continues its ongoing collaboration with The Humane League to accelerate its progress on this important animal welfare issue.

This table shows the regional breakdown from data collected for the first 6 months of Newrest’s reporting year (October 2022 – March 2023):

In Europe, France, and North America, embarking clients in the shifting process is the priority especially with major airlines. In Africa and Asia, local initiatives are carried out to build capacity to favor local procurement versus importations. In North Africa and South America, the lack of maturity of the cage-free eggs industry is an important limitation factor.

European Chicken Commitment

Newrest’s commitment to improving animal welfare also includes the European Chicken Commitment (ECC), which was adopted by the group in late 2019.

Newrest is pursuing an ongoing work of suppliers’ identification despite the lack of knowledge of ECC criteria by the market. The Humane League is providing support on the matter.


Fri 07 2023

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