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With the dark kitchen Foudie, Newrest strengthens its position in foodtech


Newrest becomes stake-holder of the leading dark kitchen of the Toulouse region

The Dark Kitchen, set up by three young Toulouse entrepreneurs at the end of 2020, is leading among restaurants with new consumption models in Occitania in just a year. These professionals have innovated to create a coherent business model responding to market changes. Supported by 8 brands with different concepts, the foodtech initiative aims to make its mark on the market on a national scale.

In the continuity of its international approach to position itself on this promising market, Newrest is committed to the success of the Toulouse virtual restaurant. The Group is already involved in initiatives with various foodtech players such as Nestor and BOCO on a national level and Eat Tasty and A Marmita on an international level. Newrest is now also involved in a promising venture that reflects its ambitions and its local roots. The Group is therefore participating in the capital increase of the Toulouse-based startup and is banking on the hyper-growth phase that the dark kitchen is experiencing.

dark kitchen foodtech

New investors’ expertise to help Foudie develop on the national foodtech market

The ambition is clear: Foudie aims at developing the service on a national level. The dark kitchen plans to open 4 new branches in Toulouse, Bordeaux and Montpellier by June 2022, and to diversify through the creation of at least 4 new catering brands. Seduced by the dynamism of the young Toulouse entrepreneurs and their new challenge, the pool of investors is combining its areas of expertise to support the development of this local entrepreneurial adventure.

Thus, three Toulouse-based players have entered Foudie’s financial capital: Big Flo & Oli who’re famous rappers from the area, Newrest and the investment fund Tolosa. Respectively, the rapper duo will bring to the project their knowledge of social networks and societal trends while Newrest will participate with its culinary, business, and logistic expertise.

With this new experience, Newrest continues to assert itself on new consumer trends to become a company anchored in the trends of its market.


Tue 09 2021

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