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Catering unit makeover in Cape Town – South Africa

South africa

Newrest, leader in inflight catering in south Africa

The group presence in the country dates to 2009 with the takeover of catering units in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Since then, a new unit has been built in Durban.

1200 team members are dedicated to the production and delivery of thousands of meals daily to the benefit of major airlines such as Emirates, Air France, British Airways, KLM or Qatar Airways to name a few.

To keep up with the growth of its activity in the country, the group has invested in a total makeover of the catering unit of Cape Town.

Safety & Sustainability, leading principles for a modern unit

5 new loading and offloading bay have been created to facilitate the manipulation of trolleys. The team can now work under a well-protected area and trucks can maneuver in a safely manner. Bumpers and all necessary safety signages have been implemented.

Reducing the consumption of electricity has been a focus leading to the revamping of the entire electric network, the introduction of led lights, movement detectors and circuit breakers accessible to the staff for more safety. Changing the extraction system has generated savings. Combined with a new integrated fire protection system, cooks are now working in a safer and more sustainable environment.

Refrigerant gas can be a major source of CO² emissions in a catering unit and is a focus of the group as mentioned in their CSR charter “be the change”. Taking advantage of the replacement of the freezer and cooling system, a new gas has been introduced with a better Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Finally, the entire dishwashing machine has been replaced with major expectations in terms of reduction of water consumption and detergent, both reducing Newrest environmental impact.

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Cape Town Newrest

Newrest group make over program.

Improving the working conditions of its team and the sustainability of its catering unit are at the basis of an important revamping and construction program initiated by the group in 2022.

New catering units have been built in Germany (2) and throughout Scandinavia (3) with the next opening in Tel Aviv and Munich in 2024. Two digital factories will open in the years to come: Orly (France) in 2024 and Madrid in 2025.

A major revamping is about to come to an end in Mauritius while a new project is taking place in French Polynesia.

 Link to the CSR Charter:




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