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Present in Israel since 2019, Newrest is modernizing its production unit at Tel Aviv-David Ben Gurion International Airport by building a new unit.

An innovative unit

Newrest will transfer its inflight services activity to a state-of-the-art unit fitted out with the latest technology in terms of production tools. The group is taking advantage of the airport’s redevelopment to build the ideal unit to satisfy many of its international customers: Delta Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa and others.

XXL construction

A major construction project was launched, with a budget of 34 million euros for an operating area of almost 11,000 m2. It features all the sections needed to provide services dedicated to long- and medium-haul aircraft: hot and cold kitchen, bonded storage, 7 loading docks, pick&pack area, etc…

New trucks will be added to the current fleet, to reach a fleet of 20 trucks by 2024.

The group is known for its construction model, which is based on the principles of simplicity and efficiency to supply airlines companies competitively.

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Unité Restauration Aéroport

Technology at the heart of our production units

In this pursuit of efficiency and customer satisfaction, Newrest is revolutionizing the way of working within its meal production units, by proposing industrial innovations.

Newrest group will be setting up a tray production line featuring the very latest in robotization technology. The latest challenge is twofold: to reduce low value-added tasks, while maintaining a human presence that sets the tempo for the entire production process, and to meet the demands of its 16 customers, who operate more than 50 flights a day, representing more than 10,000 meals.

The group is also the leader in non-kosher meals throughout Israel, making it a major inflight catering actor in the country. TEL AVIV unit shows what Newrest does best.


Mon 07 2023

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