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Towards innovation and sustainability, Newrest catering units makeover



South africa

A new catering unit in Tel Aviv for Newrest

A state-of-the-art catering unit due to open in April 2024 in Tel Aviv airport

Present in Israel since 2019, Newrest is modernizing its production unit at Tel Aviv-David Ben Gurion International Airport by building a new unit.

An innovative unit

Newrest will transfer its inflight services activity to a state-of-the-art unit fitted out with the latest technology in terms of production tools. The group is taking advantage of the airport’s redevelopment to build the ideal unit to satisfy many of its international customers: Delta Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa and others.

XXL construction

A major construction project was launched, with a budget of 34 million euros for an operating area of 11,000 m2. It features all the sections needed to provide services dedicated to long and medium-haul aircraft: hot and cold kitchen, bonded storage, 7 loading docks, pick&pack area, etc…

New trucks will be added to the current fleet, to reach a total 20 trucks by 2024.

The group is known for its construction model based on principles of simplicity and efficiency, providing competitive services to airlines.

Technology at the heart of Newrest production units

In this pursuit of efficiency and customer satisfaction, Newrest is revolutionizing the way it works within its meal production units, by proposing industrial innovations.

Newrest group will be setting up a tray production line featuring the latest in robotisation technology. The challenge is twofold: to reduce low value-added tasks, while maintaining a human presence that sets the tempo for the entire production process, and to meet the demands of its 16 customers, who operate more than 50 flights a day, representing more than 10,000 meals.

The group is also the leader in non-kosher meals throughout Israel, making it a major inflight catering actor in the country. TEL AVIV unit shows what Newrest does best.

Click HERE for a virtual tour of the unit


Catering unit makeover in Cape Town – South Africa

Safety and sustainability are at the heart of the improvement carried out in Newrest unit in Cape Town.

Newrest, leader in inflight catering in south Africa

The group presence in the country dates to 2009 with the takeover of catering units in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Since then, a new unit has been built in Durban.

1200 team members are dedicated to the production and delivery of thousands of meals daily to the benefit of major airlines such as Emirates, Air France, British Airways, KLM or Qatar Airways to name a few.

To keep up with the growth of its activity in the country, the group has invested in a total makeover of the catering unit of Cape Town.

Safety & Sustainability, leading principles for a modern unit

5 new loading and offloading bay have been created to facilitate the manipulation of trolleys. The team can now work under a well-protected area and trucks can maneuver in a safely manner. Bumpers and all necessary safety signage have been implemented.

Reducing the consumption of electricity has been a focus leading to the revamping of the entire electricity network, the introduction of led lights, movement detectors and circuit breakers accessible to the staff for more safety. Changing the extraction system has generated savings. Combined with a new integrated fire protection system, cooks are now working in a safer and more sustainable environment.

Refrigerant gas can be a major source of CO² emissions in a catering unit and is a focus of the group as mentioned in the CSR charter “be the change”. Taking advantage of the replacement of the freezer and cooling system, a new gas has been introduced with a better Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Finally, the dish-washing machine has been replaced with major expectations in terms of reduction of water consumption and detergent, both reducing Newrest environmental impact.

Click HERE for a virtual tour of the unit


Revamping of Newrest catering unit at Mauritius’s international airport

Newrest is renovating its catering unit in Mauritius to improve sustainability and working conditions

Newrest, a new actor in inflight catering in Mauritius

Olivier Sadran, Co-Chairman and Founder of Newrest Group: “Earlier this year, we acquired a inflight catering facility in the country. Right from the start, we had the ambition to do the necessary investments to drastically improve the sustainability of our operation. Mauritius is a natural setting to be preserved for the generations to come. We have our role to play in the country’s transport and tourism equation. It is also our responsibility to provide an efficient and safe working environment to our team.”

A 360-degree approach

Following a thorough review of energy consumption, an innovative approach to energy transition has been taken with the investment on NEMO GREEN. Via a digital platform, Newrest’s management team can track energy consumption for multiple pieces of equipment and area within the facility. Corrective measures and training can be carried out immediately after a deviation is identified.

This is combined with a shift to led lights, the installation of outside solar lights and the use of solar panels. Energy efficient equipment replaced existing ones.

“From roof to ground”, key statement of the unit makeover.

Starting from the roof:

  • A more efficient HVAC positioned on the roof together with new extraction towers from the hot kitchen drastically reduce energy consumption and improve air quality for the team
  • 25 solar water heaters are now connected to the water network limiting the use of diesel one
  • A first for the group, the use of a reflective sealing system cooling the building while ensuring the waterproofing.
  • Existing solar panels already produce part of the electricity needs

Within the facility:

  • Installation of cold room and insulation panels throughout the catering unit for better working conditions and permeability to dust and insects
  • The famous Newrest’s green anti-slip floor replaced old floor tile for better work safety
  • A brand-new dish-washing system generates important water and detergent consumption savings

Client satisfaction above all!

With this new working tool, the group is well equipped to increase airlines satisfaction starting with Air Mauritius, its main client, as well as British Airways, Turkish Airlines and Condor to name a few.

Click HERE for a virtual tour of the unit


Newrest group make over program.

Those investments are part of an important revamping and construction campaign initiated by Newrest in 2022 following the publication of its CSR charter in 2021.

Improving working conditions for teams and sustainability in the catering unit are key drivers of the programme, while innovations are expected to be implemented in all aspects of operational processes.

New catering units have been built in Germany (2) and throughout Scandinavia (3) with the next opening in Tel Aviv and Munich in 2024. Two digital factories will open in the years to come: Orly (France) in 2024 and Madrid in 2025.

A major revamping is taking place in French Polynesia.

Wed 09 2023

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