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4 years ago

The apple has been featured at Newrest school canteens in France


In December, apples from Ile-de-France have been featured in Newrest school restaurants. In partnership with the company Jardin de Pays, brand of Transgourmet Fruits & Vegetables, Newrest teams were able to offer entertainment around the local apple. 7 schools have been selected to participate in these events: Saint Pie X, Sainte Marie de Neuilly, Saint Charles de Rueil, La Bruyère Sainte Isabelle, Collège Epin and Ecole d’Orival.

On this occasion, the students were able to discover different varieties of apples such as the Golden, the Gala, the Granny Smith … produced in the Ile-de-France region. We want to promote local products and producers to our guests. To this end, students of the selected schools received a play kit to discover the world of local fruit & vegetables.

Jardin de Pays is the brand of Transgourmet Fruits & Vegetables which supports producers and products in our regions by offering a range of seasonal fruits and vegetables, grown in a reasonable way.

Find the whole Jardin de Pays process here:





Wed 01 2020

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