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Employees’ new expectations in the workplace


In recent years, well-being at work has gained in importance. This reflects a growing awareness of the life quality impact on overall corporate performance.

Changing working patterns and recognition of employees’ needs have become central elements in the strategy of modern companies.

They are therefore developing various services to meet the changing needs of employees.


In response to the alarming trends surrounding malnutrition, sedentary lifestyles and poor health, Newrest has developed a comprehensive program dedicated to its customers in the tertiary and Energy & Mining sectors.


Newrest reveals its “Feel Good by Newrest” program


To help companies in the tertiary and Energy & Mining sectors meet their daily challenges, Newrest is launching its new “Feel Good” program, designed to raise awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.


The program materials have been designed to provide varied information, advice and best practices that are simple to understand and easy to implement in everyday life.


This new program offers quality content and is structured around 3 main themes:


Raising awareness of healthy, varied nutrition, with information on :

  • The composition of a balanced meal, with recipes,
  • Information on the benefits of fruit and vegetables,
  • The difference between micro- and macro-nutrients, and their crucial role in the diet,
  • Nutritional recommendations for a healthy diet,
  • How to read food labels and recognize allergens…


Promoting physical activity through a range of activities focusing on:

  • The different muscles that make up the human body,
  • The benefits of sport,
  • Sport at home or at work,
  • Sports sessions and advice…


A focus on well-being, with content on:

  • Sleep,
  • Mental health,
  • Essential medical check-ups,
  • An ideal lifestyle…


A major asset for our Energy & Mining customers


Newrest accompanies its customers, more specifically, on mining and gas sites, where employees are subjected to intense physical work. These conditions increase the risk of accidents, falls and mental health problems due to tiredness and stress.

This program is essential to raise awareness of preventive actions among customers in the sector, and thus reduce the risk of accidents in the field.

By focusing on the prevention of health risks, Newrest demonstrates its commitment to corporate social responsibility.


furthermore, the Group fulfills goal number 3 “good health and well-being” of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or Agenda 2030), which were adopted in September 2015 by 193 countries at the United Nations, following on from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Thu 05 2024

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