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2 months ago

Newrest launches an innovative offering tailored to the disability sector.


Specialized facilities for people with disabilities have one key objective: to provide optimum care and support for residents, whatever their age or degree of autonomy. These establishments cater mainly for individuals with physical or mental disabilities, often associated with related pathologies. As a result, these people may be partially or totally dependent on the help of others for daily activities, from childhood to the end of their lives.

Newrest is launching its new “Uniques” program to help establishments in the disability sector meet their daily challenges. Thanks to its experience in managing some thirty facilities for disabled people in France, Newrest offers an innovative approach that puts residents at the heart of its concerns.


100% personalized nutrition

The main aim of the Uniques program is to respond flexibly to the individuality of each resident, by offering catering adapted to their habits, tastes, and specific needs. Newrest Restauration has therefore developed a catering offer that is gourmet, balanced and cooked with fresh, local produce.

In addition, a wide range of innovative solutions enables us to respond specifically to the needs of each resident:

  • Diets, modified textures and nutritional requirements related to pathologies,
  • Prevention of undernutrition,
  • Prevention of weight gain,
  • Specific tools to support autonomy,
  • Dish presentation.

Thanks to the dedication of our culinary teams, we can promote the pleasure of eating well, an aspect often neglected in medical diets. We strive to make every meal a moment of joy and well-being for our residents.


Teams trained in the specificities of the sector

Training teams in the various diets and understanding of residents’ needs is essential to ensure UNIQUE care. The Newrest school offers three specific training modules:

  • The “interpersonal skills” module to train our employees to adopt appropriate communication and attitude,
  • The “technical know-how” module, to train our staff in special diets and modified textures,
  • The “profession” module, which covers the various pathologies.

In addition to this tailor-made training program, we emphasize collaboration between our teams and those of our customers, to create a convivial living environment adapted to each age group. These structures work every day to enable residents to lead a life as close to normal as possible. They ensure that residents feel at home, by guaranteeing comfortable living spaces, high-quality meals, respect for privacy and the maintenance of a social life.


The “Mosaïque” Project

Newrest Restauration reaffirms its commitment to a policy of inclusion and diversity through the creation of the “Mosaïque” project in 2022. It is the result of an agreement signed by Newrest Restauration to welcome and integrate disabled people into the company on a long-term basis, and to guarantee them a suitable working environment. This proactive approach underlines the importance of diversity in the professional world and highlights the crucial role of companies in promoting equal opportunities.

Tue 04 2024

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