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1 year ago

Stockholm unit goes green by switching its vehicles’ fuel to biodiesel


Today, it’s a big accomplishment for the inflight unit in Stockholm. Since the beginning of the month, Arlanda’s entire fleet (13 trucks) is now powered by biodiesel. This wonderful initiative enables to drastically reduce the entity’s carbon footprint.

What’s biofuel?

It’s a domestically produced, clean-burning, renewable substitute for diesel, made from agricultural and natural resources such as animal fat or plant oils.

Moreover, it is very easy to implement! The only point is to verify with the car suppliers and mechanicians that the vehicles will still perform well if biodiesel is used. (And for sure it will!)

Amazing results

Thanks to this great initiative, Stockholm’s unit will reduce their CO2 emissions, linked to transportation, from 28 to 7 tons per month!

The 21 tons of CO2 saved every month are equivalent to:

4 homes’ electricity use for one year or

2 554 496 smartphones charged or

53 835 miles driven by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle!

Angola Water Newrest

What about our cooking oils?

The used cooking oils can be recycled to make several products, including biofuel. This would be a good way to complete the virtuous circle and could be the next milestone for Stockholm-Arlanda.

As a matter of fact, we have an example in Newrest Angola, that has been supporting QuimicaVerde for 2 years now. QuimicaVerde is an association operating to facilitate access to drinking water and soap in villages.

In addition to the problem of access to drinking water, the rules of hygiene are very difficult, if not impossible, to respect. The main obstacle is obviously the quality of the water but also the price of soap.

The association therefore started teaching the population how to make soap from oil and sodium hydroxide. This approach not only allows the inhabitants to maintain a correct level of hygiene but can also be a source of trade, allowing them to break the circle of poverty.

To support this project, Newrest Angola has committed to supply the oil through a process of recovery of our used oil. This oil is then used by villages to make soaps. Newrest Angola team intends to supply more oil over the next year and to visit one of the villages and its villagers.

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Thu 05 2023

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