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2 years ago

Newrest supportive with Ukraine across the globe with help and donations


Support of refugees on their journey from Ukraine to Western Europe 

First of all, over three million people fled already from the war in Ukraine to different European countries. A big part of them is using the international train and night train connections across Europe to get to safety. ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) and Newrest help people in need on their journey by providing snacks and support on board of the night trains operated by ÖBB. The war and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine led to a huge travel movement in Europe. European train operators made it possible for those people to travel for free. 

Newrest is responsible for catering and service of all “Nightjet” trains across Europe. It decided to welcome all Ukrainian refugees, who are travelling with the “Nightjet” train from Poland to Austria. On board, catering service is provided such as with free drinks and snacks. Furthermore, Newrest prepares and provides information leaflets in Ukrainian language about onward train connections and the arrival in Austria.  

Besides, Newrest provide these services to ensure a comfortable and safe journey for all travelers, who had to leave their homes facing tough time. 

“El vuelo de la Esperanza”  

On March 12th, 92 people arrived in Valencia on a special flight operated by Air Nostrum in collaboration with the NGO “Together for Life” and the Generalitat Valenciana. The passengers on this special trip were mostly mothers and young children fleeing the war in Ukraine. They have found in Valencia a place to take refuge while the war goes on. Symbolically, the flight was named YW2402, February 24 being the date of the beginning of the war in Ukraine.      

Air Nostrum counted on the collaboration of different air service providers who wanted to join the solidarity initiative. Newrest in Spain collaborated with Air Nostrum to help Ukrainian refugees in Spain by providing 200 meals on board. Newrest catering in Valencia accompanied these people by giving them a quality meal and offering them a moment of rest after escaping the situation in their country.   

Congratulations to Air Nostrum for their action and thank you for trusting Newrest for this altruistic act.   

Donations of 14,000 meals through a convoy 

Newrest is committed with the association Ukraine Libre Toulouse to deliver food for people in need, in Ukraine. The group has prepared a convoy of 14,000 meals from Barcelona, through Toulouse, to Ukraine. The first convoy went from Barcelona on Tuesday, March 29th. It arrived in Toulouse the same day, where Newrest, Jardel Transports and Ukraine Libre Toulouse received it. Thanks to all actors’ contribution, the convoy arrived safely in Ukraine on Tuesday, on April 5th. 

The mission was a success in collaboration with the association Ukraine Libre and Jardel Transports. This donation is done on behalf of all Newrest collaborators. It’s an honor for Newrest to help Ukrainians with its skills and resources. These meals should bring hope to Ukrainians people. 

Job offers in France 

Newrest is recruiting in France and wants to welcome Ukrainians on vacant positions. These jobs are roles as cleaners, order pickers or catering employees. It will be open-ended contracts within inflight and collective catering activities. The jobs are proposed in various areas in France such as Orly, Roissy, Toulouse, Lyon, Nice and Marseille. 

The recruitment form is available here : https://cutt.ly/xFymMGZ   

Apoyar donaciones Ucrania

Apoyar donaciones Ucrania


Mon 04 2022

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