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2 years ago

The Vegetal cooking book by Newrest is available to over 400 chefs in France


Why this initiative?

In order to meet the growing demand for healthy and environmentally friendly vegetarian meals, Newrest chefs and dieticians have developed this second vegetarian book for catering teams to reconcile good food and well-being. Eating plant-based food is good for your health and for the environment. Intensive animal breeding is destructive to the environment: greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation and fresh water pollution. Consuming local and plant-based food helps to combat these environmentally harmful phenomena.

What’s in it for the chefs?

Chefs will be able to offer gourmet and vegetal recipes! It is necessary to vary the pleasures every day, and to adapt to all consumers. This book gives access to creative recipes for the vegetarian community, or for the healthy and curious ones!

The Newrest CSR approach

The Vegetable Book project is above all part of the group’s CSR approach:

  • The fight against food waste: thanks to this recipe book, the quantities are noted, which allows the chefs to measure out and thus to plan ahead by avoiding surplus
  • The reduction of our waste and its recovery: we learn how to use the products in their entirety to avoid waste
  • Responsible purchasing and reducing the carbon footprint: the idea is to offer local and seasonal products, and therefore to buy responsibly. This also allows us to avoid the high impact of transport.
  • A strong commitment to our employees: by offering this book to more than 400 chefs, the group participates in the development of the culinary know-how of its employees.

Newrest is proud to see this project come to life and hopes to develop it rapidly on an international scale.

Livre France chefs


Thu 05 2022

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