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2 years ago

Newrest in Zambia welcomed children from Cornerstone of Hope School for a visit

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Newrest in Zambia received the visit of Cornerstone of Hope School

Newrest operates in Zambia since 2010 with more than 70 employees. Since 2014, the designation Newrest Zambia Limited is official as Newrest bought 50% of First Catering Limited’s capital and started managing Lusaka’s inflight kitchen.

The group has always showed a desire of sharing its expertise. Last week, children from Cornerstone of Hope School came to visit aircrafts at the airport and our kitchen of the airport. Children, teachers, and management came to discover the inflight catering universe.

The Foundation Cornerstone of Hope began in 1997 with the construction of an orphanage in Cambodia. It has been created to provides education to children in difficult conditions. This foundation has started to implement itself in 2006 in Zambia. Since then, all the staff is here to support and educate children facing difficulties.

The visit of children on Newrest site

Newrest’s teams have completed their task to show their universe to children. Thanks to Proflight, one of Newrest partners at the airport, the visitors were able to access an aircraft. They had access to the airplanes, and they could get inot the cockpit which make them feel like pilots. And finally, the visit ended with Newrest’s team showing the steps needed to prepare inflight meals.

The work of Newrest starts with the management of logistics tasks before the flights, providing food and services during flights turnaround and conducting operations post-flights.

All the logistic, cooking part, and transport of products has been showed during the visit. Newrest wanted to share its expertise and knowledge to help children abandoned by society, find value and meaning in their own lives, and fulfill them.

The children came out of this visit with sparks in their eyes. Mission accomplished!

Zambia school children


Tue 06 2022

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