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2 years ago

Newrest starts a new innovative catering collaboration with EKEMS in Greece


This September, Newrest started a dynamic collaboration in Greece with the Special Supply Center of Greek Army Units, also called EKEMS.
The Supply Center is housed in a 1,500 m² building in Athens. Since 1993, it has been serving a consumer group of Greek Army beneficiaries who consistently choose this super-market store for their purchases.
Newrest’s services are glowed up with the new line of meals called “take EAT easy by Newrest”. The exclusive distribution and promotion to the Greek Armed Forces of the company Mantouvaloi Bros SA is an asset in the win of the contract.

As a reminder, the Protective Atmosphere meals makes possible to extend the expiry dates and thus facilitate the service and storage of Newrest’s dishes. The range of products “take EAT easy by Newrest” has already received positive feedback from the EKEMS’ customers. They liked the high quality food items. It matches with Newrest’s offer, allowing themselves and their families to enjoy gourmet meals based on the Mediterranean diet which is rich in nutrients.

Soon, the 12 meals of the line will be enriched with new flavors, giving consumers the opportunity to have more options fitting with the family table use as well as the lunch break at work.

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Thu 09 2021

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