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At the Chefs Unlimited seminar on April 17 and 18, 2024, Newrest Group chefs demonstrated their talents and culinary expertise.

The event provided an opportunity to address several key themes for the Group:

  • Meal presentation
  • Quality control
  • QHSE updates
  • CSR (reduction of CO2 emissions)
  • Use of Winrest software

Culinary workshops also enabled chefs to concoct dishes such as:

  • Vegetable masala, cumin rice, Tadka Dal (Indian cuisine)
  • Hummus, Zaalouk (Arabic cuisine)
  • Ceviche, Causa (Peruvian cuisine))
  • Street food from around the world

On the final day, the chefs took part in the Unlimited Chefs Challenge: in pairs, they had ten minutes to choose their ingredients and develop a meal concept. They then had an hour and a half to prepare two dishes, a starter, and a dessert, which were enjoyed by all participants at lunchtime!

Thu 04 2024

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