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Newrest continues to roll out the “I Care” QHSE programme worldwide !









North africa


South africa

The I Care programme was launched at a seminar two years ago in Toulouse, France, where QHSE teams from over 50 countries were able to participate. In 2024, a second seminar was held in Paris to launch new initiatives, present tools and share feedback. This enabled the teams to continue deployment in each country where Newrest operates.


The I Care programme


This programme aims to strengthen the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) culture within the Group, based on seven pillars :

  • The commitment of management and the involvement of managers in QHSE requirements
  • Deployment of Group policy and the Newrest Non-Negotiables
  • The leadership of managers: setting an example and supporting teams
  • Employee commitment and involvement: being a responsible player on a daily basis
  • Communicating best practice and indicators through dedicated tools
  • Performance monitoring and evaluation tools for continuous improvement of the system
  • Recognition and appreciation of employees through trophies and certificates.


A dozen countries launch their “I Care” seminars


To date, Newrest has already organised a seminar in fifteen countries.

In South Africa, for example, a day was organised around the development of the I Care culture, focusing on safety at work: “During the discussion, we used the Bradley curve to explain our current situation and the direction we want to take,” explains Hlamulo Hlayisi, a Newrest collaborator.

In Brazil, it was during a week dedicated to the ‘I Care’ programme that employees were able to discover its challenges and its purpose. One of them tells us, “I’d like to thank everyone involved for giving me moments like this, Newrest for encouraging me to progress every day, and my sensational team”.


Other I Care initiatives around the world


In Polynesia, the teams organise monthly “Coffee times” to share best practices in health and safety. These times enable them to focus on certain “Non-negotiables” (the aim being to have seen all the non-negotiables in depth by the end of the year). At the same time, on one of the sites, the teams have launched the “I Care Champions” to reward one person each month who has stood out in terms of compliance with the Newrest “Non-negotiables”.

The “I Care” programme is therefore more than just a company policy; it is a truly participative and collaborative approach involving all levels of the organisation. It reflects Newrest’s vision and values, which aim to offer the best possible service to its customers, while protecting the health, safety and environment of its employees.

The whole group is involved in the development of the “I Care” programme. Because I Care, You Care, We all care!

Fri 05 2024

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