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7 months ago

Newrest Cambodia opens 3 new canteens in June!


Newrest Catering Cambodia opens 3 new canteens project

Newrest Catering has opened a new canteen project with Ajinomoto, the leading company in the food industry, in particular Umami seasonings, in Cambodia, located in Ppsez. The team serves 3 meals a day to 140 employees.

For Cambrew brewery, the group provides 4 meals a day to 250 employees.

The brewery is located in Sihanoukville and is the largest in Cambodia, producing Angkor beer.

Recently, the team opened a canteen for Baosteel Can Making, located in Sorong Tong Kampong Speu, Cambodia.

Newrest provides meals for 220 employees every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

To better cater for different tastes and diets, the team has created a varied menu.

Cambodge canteen opening

Newrest Cambodia once again proves its efficiency

Since 2020, Newrest in Cambodia is focusing on catering and retail services.

The service offering is being developed for multiple customers: companies, airports, schools, industries, businesses, all of whom trust the group’s expertise.

Newrest is committed to providing the best possible experience to its customers.

Congratulations to the teams for their investment.


Thu 07 2023

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