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Cobot lines at the heart of our inflight catering production units





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Three years of research were required to revolutionize the way we work at our inflight production units. We had to deploy over than 15 lines of cobots (collaborative robots) round the world to identify the model that improves productivity the most.

The initial step was the creation of the universal robotic hand, which can grip any type of object in any type of container. However, the expected result is only achieved through close cooperation between members of staff and the machine.

Staff work hand in hand with our cobots in a fully integrated process. The operator sets the pace, and the machine relieves him of having to do low added value tasks. This occurs from the portioning stage onwards.

This unprecedented breakthrough places cobots at the heart of our new units. The latest are also equipped with the latest technologies required for our inflight catering business: robotic garnishing lines, technological assistance with the assembly of trolleys, preparation and dispatch of flights, automated washing up of dishes and trays, automated sorting of cutlery and automatic bagging machines, to name a just few.

It is through these technological breakthroughs and our integrated systems that we are looking to position ourselves as a benchmark player in the transformation of airline services.


Wed 01 2021

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