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2 years ago

Newrest extends its facility management services to the Minera San Cristobal


About the Minera San Cristobal’s facility management contract renewal

Newrest will continue to provide facility management services to workers and subcontractors at Minera San Cristobal, located in Bolivia. The stakes are high: to ensure the comfort, quality of life and entertainment of the guests who work daily on the extraction of lead, silver and zinc in extreme conditions.

Newrest provides MSC’s 750 employees and subcontractors with numerous services to support the continuity of its partner’s service and improve workers’ living conditions. To adapt to the fluctuations of the mine’s activities, the Group sometimes provides catering for 1000 people.

Minera San Cristobal facility management

The diversity of services offered at Minera San Cristobal: Newrest’s major asset

To provide all contractual services, Newrest has a team of 215 people on site. It operates in a rotation of one month on site and one month off. A full administrative team is also operational on site.

The following facility management services are provided 24/7:

  • Management of on-site catering, including upstream logistics management, purchase of international quality raw materials, transportation, storage, and finally service 4 times a day in 3 dining halls
  • Management of hotel premises with a service in line with the standards of the profession
  • Maintain the common areas of the living and recreational base, as well as the client’s professional premises
  • PEST control ensurance and disinfection of the entire base according to the local standards in force
  • Respecting the local cultural and economic ecosystem by choosing short circuit suppliers of uniform textiles, quinoa, or llama meat, as well as offering traditional activities

The Group is happy to continue the adventure with this major partner.


Thu 11 2021

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