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Newrest ends the One Team, Unlimited Challenge season.





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The One Team, Unlimited Challenge – what is it?

Since 2022, the international group has been highlighting values such as determination, surpassing oneself and solidarity through sporting challenges undertaken by teams in the 4 corners of the world.

This challenge is an opportunity for Newrest employees from different units to get together and promote the beauty of their country.

Here’s a look back at this year’s challenges!

Unexpected challenges!

The Group is convinced that sport is the best way to foster team spirit. That’s why, this year, our employees have come up with some original challenges to strengthen their bonds.

The Canadian team enjoyed a dog-sled ride. An unforgettable 5-day trip to strengthen unity.

Newrest Paris employees took part in the Bulky Games, a 5km race with inflatable obstacles. A fun and sporting day out for the Paris teams.

Newrest Peru carried out a trek of more than 2,900km, starting in Lima and visiting all the Newrest units on the Peruvian coast. This was a way of keeping constantly in touch with all the employees in the country. They could use any means of transport, as long as there was no motor: walking, cycling, skateboarding…

Team spirit is an essential value for the Group. Nigerian and Costa Rican teams highlighted this by both organising a football tournament.

The New Caledonia units enjoyed a day of physical activity, including a volleyball tournament and an obstacle course. Sack races, tug-of-war and more – it was a busy day on the island!

Divided into 2 kayaks to face the crocodiles and nature, Newrest Mexico had to demonstrate a great team spirit to reach the end of these 5 km of paddling.

OTUC Newrest 2023

Races beyond limits!

The aim of this challenge is above all to go beyond one’s limits. Some teams have taken up running.

Newrest Wacasco (Oman) and Newrest Gabon took part in 10km races: the Muscat Marathon and the Port-Gentil 10km.

In Toulouse, teams ran the 10km ‘La course des Lumières’ to raise funds to fight cancer.

The Group’s Spanish employees took part in the ‘Carrera de las empresas’ (10km) organised by KLM in Madrid.

Well done to all those who surpassed their limits to cross the finish line.

OTUC Newrest 2023

Discovering different countries!

These challenges are an opportunity to showcase the culture and beauty of the countries in which the Group operates.

The Tahiti team went on a speleological walk to discover the island’s buried treasures.

Newrest Morocco climbed Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa, at an altitude of over 4,000 metres. The team also completed a second challenge by taking part in the “Moroccan Corporate Sport Games”. The opportunity to strengthen their cohesion.

The beauty of Reunion Island is well known to our collaborators, who hiked to the cirque of Mafate, one of the largest in the Piton des Neiges massif.

Ghana’s biodiversity was showcased during the exploration of the Kakum national forest. Here, the team crossed a 300-metre-long footbridge to take in the breathtaking views.

OTUC Newrest 2023

Committed challenges!

Employees add CSR actions to their challenges, a way of combining two fundamental aspects of the company: the values of sport and the pillars of their CSR charter.

In Greece, 80 employees took part in the reforestation of Mount Ymittos in Athens. An opportunity to discover this protected nature reserve to the east of Athens. 3 hours of team building and 200 trees planted later, the teams have contributed to the preservation of local resources.

In addition to a volleyball tournament, Newrest Laos cleaned up the Nakai beach.

The British team took part in a 15.1 mile (24.3 km) night walk in London in aid of the fight against cancer.

OTUC Newrest 2023

Preparations for the 2023/2024 season

The One Team, Unlimited Challenge has been renewed for a third year.

Newrest is proud of its employees’ commitment throughout the season.

Newrest and its employees place sport at the core of their motivation. It is a driving force for daily stimulation, performance and surpassing oneself.

These are values that the company also shares with its ambassador Tony Parker.

OTUC Newrest 2023


Mon 07 2023

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