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1 year ago

easyJet expands its inflight catering partnership with Newrest in Europe


A durable alliance

This partnership with the Londoner airline is reconducted and consolidated, with the addition of two new countries: Switzerland and Germany. Newrest is committed to build new entities in Basel/Mulhouse and in Berlin.

Already implemented in six countries, catering services has been extended to Barcelona, Nantes, Geneva, Malaga and Porto.

The whole new contract is guided by innovation. It is still in line with the objective of guaranteeing an irreproachable user experience on-board, all around Europe. All aspects have been reviewed and enhanced such as procurement, inventory management, quality control, digital solutions, sustainable development of the offer and the freshness of the products loaded.

A certain catering know-how

With this collaboration, Newrest is in line with its permanent innovation approach to guarantee the best guest experience to its partners. As a reminder, Newrest has made a name for itself in this sector. It has been able to make its mark thanks to its know-how and culinary expertise, ensuring operational and logistical efficiency.

Newrest is proud to renew its partnership with easyJet, an essential customer with a strong European presence.

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Tue 03 2022

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