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Our chefs invite you to Thailand to discover Loy Krathong!





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This year with FESTIVE, we will be introducing you to unique culinary specialties straight from the world’s biggest festivals. Ancestral traditions, customs and exoticism will be there.

We continue our program with the inspiring Loy Krathong festival.

The traditional festival of lights and lanterns is one of the most beautiful and popular in Thailand. Every year it is celebrated all over the country on the full moon of the 12th lunar month, which also marks the end of the rainy season and the rice harvest. The Thai people then honor the goddess and the spirits of the waters.

In order to thank them for their help and to apologize for having polluted the waters during the harvest they make krathongs. These are small boats made of banana leaves in the shape of lotus. They place a lighted candle, incense, flowers and then place them on the rivers, which makes their faults and grudges disappear.

But we do not find the lights only in the water! Lanterns are released in the sky and other candles and flowers beautifully decorate the floats of a parade where all Thai people dress in their traditional costumes. Thailand is thus totally flowered and illuminated which offers an incredible spectacle.

But what could Newrest have cooked of luminous?That day, beyond the lights, the Thai people gather outside to organize giant picnics with traditional music. Everyone brings a Thai specialty, such as fish croquettes in a banana leaf or dishes made with marinated and spicy beef. We were inspired by it and the result was delicious!

See you next month for new gourmet news with FESTIVE!


Fri 11 2020

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