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3 years ago

Newrest renews the management of Minera San Cristobal remote site in Bolivia

South africa

On the world’s largest open-pit silver mine, Newrest provides all hospitality services for everyone working on the site, including 4 catering services per day on 3 different dining halls, cleaning and laundry, managing leisure activities such as the snack cornerthe movie theater, or organizing sports tournaments and barbecues in small groups. 

Such a site creates extreme dietary constraints. In addition, mining customers are increasingly attentive to dietetics. Thus, Newrest has developed menus adapted to the constraints due to altitude, the eating habits and the dietary requirements of its customers. The menus cover a wide range from light breakfast options to medical menus (low in salt, for example, low in cholesterol, or light in sauce). Newrest teams must have 30 days of food stock at all times to make up for any incident. 

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, through close cooperation, our teams and those of MSC (HR, Logistics, Purchasing, Doctors) have organized themselves in order to maintain the activities and production levels of the mine without making any concessions to the quality of service or to the increased safety in terms of prevention against the virus. Taking into account the legal constraints of strict curfew or quarantine, sometimes on special waiver from the government, Newrest and the MSC organized an individual quarantine system for each worker. By a private air or ground logistics bridge, workers were transported between their quarantine location and their place of work or home. This system has continued to operate since the beginning of the crisis and ensures maximum safety for workers and allows the continuation of work in the mine despite this new context never seen before. 

Some aspects of Newrest’s service to mine workers have also been improved to provide even more comfort to workers in this unique and extreme work environment. We are convinced that mental health also comes through the pleasures of the table.  

We are proud to announce the renewal of this contract once again. These operations demonstrate our ability to mobilize ourselves and our quality of service, even in the most remote parts of the world. 


Newrest has been operating in Bolivia since 2008. In 12 years of local experience, with more than 5,000 meals served daily, we have been developing activities in the remote site management at the national level, as well as inflight catering and catering for companies and schools. We operate and serve in all regions of Bolivia, even very remote sites. Applying our know-how through an expert and dynamic team, with the constant support of our headquarters, we rely on a modern head office, including an industrial kitchen, a collection center and several warehouses located in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Newrest Bolivia meets quality standards endorsed by ISO 9001; ISO 14001; ISO 45001; ISO 22000 certifications since 2011 allowing continuous improvement as part of our business policy. Focused on innovation, smart solutions and continuous improvement, Newrest is an industry reference in Bolivia.

Mon 01 2021

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