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Newrest Restauration has opened new sites across France


Culinary expertise

Newrest Restauration, specialist in out-of-home catering, is constantly reinventing itself to meet the expectations of its customers and guests.

By keeping pace with changing consumer trends and offering immersive, entertaining culinary experiences, the group adapts to the needs of each business sector.

As a result, Newrest has opened 20 new catering sites in France in three month, in sectors as varied as defense, corporate catering, healthcare and education.


Sites in the South-West region

Newrest has strengthened its presence in the South-West region of France by opening 3 new concession catering sites, in the defense, healthcare (EPHAD La Mainada) sectors and corporate catering (RIE Héliopole).

On these sites, inaugurated respectively on November 1, 2023 and January 1, 2024, Newrest will offer a varied and innovative range based on the Attitudes by Newrest and Les Petits Plats du chef concepts.

These concepts allow guests to compose their meals as they wish, with a choice of themed counters such as Green (salads and vegetarian dishes), Globetrotter (international specialties), BBQ Revolution (grills and burgers) and Brasserie (traditional French dishes).

In this way, Newrest is committed to offering a quality taste experience, while complying with the highest standards of hygiene and food safety.


Sites in the North and Ile de France regions

In the North and Ile de France regions, Newrest opened 6 new catering sites in the education sector (Creps de Wattignies, Notre Dame de la Compassion, Mairie de Villiers Saint Paul), and corporate catering (VALEO, SIEC, FGAO). These sites were inaugurated between October 2, 2023 and January 1, 2024, testifying to the dynamism and quality of the services offered by the Group.

These sites also feature innovative gourmet concepts such as Attitudes by Newrest and Les Petits Plats du Chef.

A new site will open its doors on March 1, 2024!


Sites in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region welcomes Newrest to 3 new catering sites, in the education sector (Mecs Le Bercail, Valserhone) and corporate catering (RIA Agraf), inaugurated between November 6, 2023 and January 1, 2024.


Newrest, a committed player in out-of-home catering

With these new openings, Newrest confirms its status as an out-of-home catering specialist not only in France, but also worldwide, with operations in 38 countries.

The group offers tailor-made solutions for each business sector, drawing on its culinary expertise and sense of service. Newrest is committed to sustainable development, implementing concrete actions to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and fighting against food waste (see CSR charter).

The group partners with a number of players involved in the fight against food waste, such as Beesk and Atypique, and is also involved in social and solidarity projects, promoting professional integration through the Mosaïque program.

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