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6 months ago

New opening for Newrest Gulf in partnership with Hamad Medical Corporation


The group has won a major contract with Hamad Hospital, to cater for patients and staff on 6 sites. Since Wednesday November 1, 2023, Newrest has been providing catering services at CUBAN HOSPITAL, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily.

5 other sites are scheduled to open in the coming months:






The group’s teams have been preparing those openings for several months and are working hard to offer their customers a top-quality catering service.

Newrest leader in concession catering in Qatar

Newrest-Gulf has been a major actor in catering and related services in Qatar since 2013.

The group offers innovative, QHSE-compliant solutions to meet the needs of its customers in a variety of sectors.

Whether for companies, medico-social structures, educational establishments, or the defense sector, Newrest provides complete management of their living bases and catering.

The group places particular emphasis on nutrition and food quality, relying on qualified teams to prepare varied menus tailored to customer expectations.

Newrest also monitors food safety, regularly checking manufacturing processes and services.

Last but not least, the group takes great care in the design of its restaurants, to provide a friendly and comfortable environment. As a result, more than 635,979 meals are served every day.

Thu 11 2023

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