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4 years ago

The Newrest Chiefs at ‘Vergers de Noslon’ and the Julien Beausse exploitation


A day with Newrest chefs to select quality products from thousands of meals

On Thursday, October 10th, teams of Newrest and Transgourmet traveled to ‘Les Vergers de Noslon’ and the Julien Beausse to meet the farmers – Marc Beausse (left) and Vincent Lorne (right) – and discover all the secrets of seasonal products offered by these two farmers, committed to responsible local agriculture and quality. Apples, pears, salad sprouts, rockets and spinach, their products make up the thousands of meals prepared by the Newrest Chefs for their guests.

From the preparation of the land to the picking of the products, through the treatment of the plots of land, the farmers have reconstituted all the stages of production under the watchful eye of Nicolas Forestier, Production Manager at the Addict restaurant in Rungis, and Nicolas Gabouleaud, Chief Executive Officer of CNAF.

“Every day, we cook hundreds of meals for our guests, for whom we select our products with great high standards. Only by working with farmers like Marc Beausse or Vincent Lorne, whose work we know perfectly, can we keep our promise of always cooking quality meals.” Nicolas Forestier, Production Manager at L’Addict’s restaurant in Rungis.

“Understanding where our products come from and how they are treated on a daily basis is the basis of our business. This visit allowed us to see with our own eyes the work of these operators, whose products make up and will compose the future meals of many restaurants of companies, schools and medical-social centers of Île-de-France “, Nicolas Gabouleaud, Chief Executive Officer of CNAF.

Newrest and Transgourmet Fruits & Vegetables, a unique partnership to promote responsible and sustainable agriculture

Newrest creates tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of organizations, always with a strong commitment to a responsible and committed approach. Since 2017, Newrest and Transgourmet France, whose fruit and vegetable subsidiary is located in Rungis, have been working together for sustainable production and responsible agriculture. ‘Jardins de Pays’ assures to the guests fruits and vegetables of season and especially in a responsible and respectful way of the environment.

This collaboration ensures the installation of thousands of square meters that allow a controlled and controlled production of tens of tons of fresh fruits and vegetables. Reunited in the form of “chapels”, the parcels of land privatized for Newrest harvest time ensure a local supply for 100% of needs on these products.

The Newrest chefs work in close collaboration with market gardeners and farmers who are partners in the “Jardins de pays” local products brand. They are committed to making innovative, environmentally conscious recipes with a focus on fresh, seasonal and local produce when it is the season. This unique device, a tripartite contract, ensures an undeniable meal quality.

Fri 11 2019

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