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The new 2023-2024 animations program named “KOLOR” is here!





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About last year animation

Every year, the Newrest group offers its customers and guests a new, trendy programme of animations for their restaurants. The aim of this program is to organise, once a month, an exceptional themed meal that will bring joy and happiness to the restaurants!

For the 2022-2023 program, Newrest offered its guests a culinary excursion based on street food from the world’s biggest cities.

Each month, they were able to sample the specialities of the following cities:

  • Honolulu and its delicious pokebowls
  •  The diverse food of Bangkok
  •  Berlin for the month of November
  •  New York for real American hotdogs
  •  Lima and its picarones
  •  Marrakech and its aromas
  •  Tasty dishes from Hanoi
  •  The gourmet specialities of Palermo
  •  The spicy flavours of Mexico City
  •  The freshness of Athens
  •  Mumbai and its varied cuisine
  •  Johannesburg, for delicious Vetkoek (South African fritters)

A successful challenge!  This culinary world tour comes to an end at the end of August. It brightened up the guests and awakened many gourmets.

This year, see life in colour with the new 2023-2024 program: KOLOR

With colours making a comeback in every sector: cars, fashion, music and even decoration, Newrest has decided to follow this trend by offering a unique experience to its guests on the theme of colours.

The program will start in orange in September, turning brown for the arrival of autumn in October, then black to celebrate Halloween in November. Red and white will be the colours of December and January to celebrate Christmas and the New Year!

Pink will be the colour of February, before the return of green, symbolising the return of spring.

With spirulina pasta and blueberry tart, April and May will be coloured blue and purple. The program comes to an end in June, in yellow, symbolising the start of summer under the sun.

So it will be up to the Newrest chefs to add colour to their recipes and create a rainbow palette to delight the taste buds of young and old alike.

KOLOR animation catering

KOLOR animation program


Wed 09 2023

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