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3 years ago

Parıltım-Newrest starts catering service in Liv Hospital in Gaziantep, Turkey


Parıltım-Newrest has successfully started services in the newly opened Liv Hospital in Gaziantep as a solution partner for food and beverage services.

The company provides food service to hospital employees with ‘The Lunch’ concept and also, is serving balanced and delicious meals to patients. 

Parıltım-Newrest is at the service of healthcare professionals who fight on the front lines for us and whom we all owe gratitude to.


Parıltım-Newrest is a joint venture between Parıltım Yemek and Newrest Group, which was formed in 2019.  

The company has over 1.600 employees and 2 central kitchens alongside multiple on-site units. 

Parıltım-Newrest provides catering and retail services all around Turkey to an extensive list of customers like hospitals, schools, universities, companies and factories. 

Tue 12 2020

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