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2 weeks ago

Newrest Wacasco in Oman renews its Facility Management contract with SLB


As part of the renewal of its Facility Management contract with SLB for the management of its facilities in Muscat, Newrest is deploying a team committed to creating a healthy and efficient working environment for its users. SLB, formerly Schlumberger, is a French multinational company specialising in services and equipment for the oil industry.

Facility Management services for SLB

Through our OCTOPUS solution, Newrest offers “multi-service” expertise with the implementation of a wide range of services such as: management of cleaning services, management of transport and the vehicle fleet, management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, landscaping and management of laundry and catering. Newrest is also responsible for services that have a direct impact on users’ quality of life, such as reception, mail management, fitness centre management, access control and the management of meeting spaces and rooms.

Newrest then offers its customer “multi-technical” expertise, in connection with the upkeep and maintenance of technical installations. Newrest’s services include electricity, air conditioning, mechanical and electrical systems, plumbing, civil engineering, DIY services, catering equipment maintenance, waste water treatment and fire systems management.

Newrest therefore brings its know-how to the management of numerous on-site facilities, including camps, clinics, mosques and the client’s offices.
As part of the digitalisation of its services, Newrest is using its Fracttal CMMS tool, launched in May 2023. This tool guarantees preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance of installations.

A trusted partner for organisational performance

The wide range of services proposed by Newrest in the Octopus offer are based on 4 fundamental commitments to its customers: performance, well-being, sustainability and innovation.
The aim is to guarantee, from the outset of management, :
– A healthy, comfortable, safe and secure working environment,
– Improved quality of service for users,
– An efficient, standardised and digitised management system,
– Extended asset life and reduced maintenance costs,
– Better management of general costs associated with facilities management.

Newrest is constantly developing its OCTOPUS offer to meet the specific needs of its customers. By making a long-term commitment to the reliability and continuity of its services, Newrest positions itself as a trusted ally on a daily basis and makes an effective contribution to the performance and brand image of its customers.

Thu 07 2024

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