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7 months ago

Newrest supports a new sporting and human challenge.


A major challenge awaits them.

As part of the OCC, a 55 km race with 3,500 meters of ascent awaits runners on this unusual ascent of the UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc). Roxane is a disabled person, she will be taking part in this race on a Joëlette, which runners will carry in relay throughout the race.

The runners supporting Roxane are all members of the same association, CAP GRAND AIR. They share common values around running, to show that despite the difficulties it is possible to surpass oneself and achieve one’s goals.

What is a Joëlette?

A single-wheel or dual-wheel off-road wheelchair that can be used for hiking and running by anyone with reduced mobility or a disability.

Joëlette Valeurs Projet

“Together, let’s become legend.”

Newrest, why this project?

Taking part in a project of this dimension requires substantial resources. Valérie Ferret, area manager in the catering services and member of the “CAP GRAND AIR” association, sought Newrest’s support in her search for funding. The group is proud to support this project through every stage of the process, from the financial procedures to be followed, to the purchase of equipment, transport and other costs involved in preparing for the challenge.

Newrest brings meaning to its values

Supporting projects such as the Joëlette enables the group to illustrate its values. With the implementation of the “Mosaïque” program, Newrest Restauration works to promote the employment and job retention of disabled employees. This program is based on 4 key actions: awareness-raising, accompaniment, information and listening.

Inclusion and equality of opportunity guide CAP GRAND AIR and Newrest in their collaboration.


Tue 07 2023

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