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Newrest starts a global inflight catering contract with Air Transat in Europe




Since the 14th of March, Newrest has started to provide inflight catering services to Air Transat all around Europe. The Group provides hot meals services two-class flights from England, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, and Portugal during the whole summer season.

On every A321 LR flights, the caterer will provide onboard catering services to 12 business and 180 economic passengers. Air Transat used to fly to these destinations with A310 which did not allow them to load catering with Newrest. Now they’re cutting the trip in two times, it allows them to reload the aircraft with Newrest’s services.

The first flights departing from Canada with Newrest inflight catering services went to destinations such as Malaga, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Porto, Faro, Lisbon, Manchester, Glasgow, and London Gatwick. It represents more than 1230 flights to load during the summer. These starts-up took place in between the 13rd and the 18th of March.

More start-ups are expected in April and May. Newrest will provide services to passengers flying from and to Canada, Madrid, Barcelona, Marseille,  Amsterdam, Basel-Mulhouse, Brussels, Nice and Toulouse. Last start-up is planed on the 5th of May.

Newrest teams are thrilled to take part in such a milestone for Air Transat.

Air Transat catering Europe

Air Transat catering Europe


Tue 03 2022

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