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2 years ago

Newrest renews its inflight catering contract with Transavia in the Netherlands


Digital solutions and sustainability named as assets in this renewed inflight catering contract with Transavia in Holland

It’s a key milestone for Newrest to be awarded of this symbolic contract. The flexibility and agility offered by the in-house digital lab allows the performance of Newrest’s innovation ecosystem, which is a powerful argument. Among it, we can name procurement, inventory management, quality control, financial services, digital solutions, sustainability program and fresh food loading program

The platform of solutions provided to Transavia covers a large spectrum of processes to meet the airline passengers’ expectations. This guest’s satisfaction is central to Newrest’s improvement dynamic. The goal is clear for both actors: offering the most optimal and sustainable catering solutions to passengers while reducing the operations environmental impact.

Newrest and Transavia: a long-term relationship

Newrest Group interred the Dutch market to start to work with Transavia in 2004. At the origins of this partnership was the creation of an ad-hoc catering unit especially for the airline’s need. Pushing its services to the highest efficiency for the client, a brand-new unit was inaugurated 16 years later to support Transavia’s growth. With this expansion, Newrest proved being able to meet the airlines sector new challenges.

Today, Newrest is still working with the company and is providing inflight catering services out of 3 cities in The Netherlands: Amsterdam; Eindhoven and Rotterdam.

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Tue 09 2021

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