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4 years ago

Newrest New Caledonia manages “The Student Menu”


Initiated during the 2018 school year as part of the “Madeleine” nutrition campaign, “the Student menu” provided an opportunity for students in a primary class, the Nouméa Junior Municipal Council or Nouméa create a balanced menu based on a predefined local product basket. Cooked and tested by these same students at the Newrest Central Kitchen in Noumea with the help of the Newrest teams, the menu was then programmed and served in all the schools of the commune.

Dumbéa’s “Student Menu”, created by the pupils of the Frédéric Louis Dorbritz school, was honored on September 5th, in the presence of the school’s teaching teams, by Mr. Georges Naturel – Mayor of Dumbéa -, elected officials, parents of students and the “Caisse des Écoles de Dumbéa”.

At the beginning of the service, a parade of students in traditional outfits from the Pacific countries was organized in honor of the “Student menu” which appealed to young and old alike.

Tue 09 2019

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