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7 months ago

Newrest is sponsoring the Football Club Toulouse for another season!


The values of sport at Newrest

Since its creation, the Group has placed sport at the core of its motivations.

Performance, surpassing oneself, perseverance and team spirit are values that Newrest promotes through sport.

Whether through the “One Team, Unlimited Challenge”, an in-house challenge, or by supporting sports projects such as Cap Optimist, Juliette Fricoteaux, and TFC, sport is at the centre of Newrest’s life and that of its collaborators.

The history between Newrest and TFC

The Group has been involved with the TFC since 2006. Indeed, Newrest’s operational headquarter is based in the same city as the club, Toulouse.

After playing in the French Premier League until 2020, the club dropped back down to Ligue 2. It is thanks to strong team cohesion and unfailing determination that TFC was back in Ligue 1 in 2022. It was also dude to the support of its loyal supporters and sponsors, such as Newrest.

TFC Sponsoring football

Les Violets: Performance Unlimited

This season has been unforgettable for the supporters.

TFC finished the Ligue 1 season in 13th place, securing a place in next year’s top division.

But what really stood out this year was their victory in the French Cup. 66 years after their last one.

During the competition, TFC held their nerve against their adversaries to reach the final against Nantes.

More than 30,000 Toulouse fans travelled to the Stade de France for the final, and another 6,000 gathered on the Place du Capitole in Toulouse to watch the match on a giant screen.

A sensational victory over Nantes that will stay in the minds of all Toulouse supporters.

Renewed support.

The club, like the group, is synonymous with perseverance and a competitive spirit.

To continue to promote the values of sport among its collaborators, Newrest will once again be sponsoring TFC for the 2023-2024 season.



Fri 07 2023

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