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1 year ago

Newrest Gabon signs a new partnership with Caroil


Newrest Gabon will start providing food, laundry and housekeeping services to more than 150 people. It will occurred on the C16 drilling RIG and the adjoining life base for their onshore drilling campaign starting in July 2022.

Meals will be provided at 2 sites, the main camp and the mini camp where the operations will take place. Newrest will also provide pest control services as well as positive and negative temperature ISO refrigerated storage containers for food storage at the live base.

This new contract strengthens the partnership with Caroil for whom Newrest already provides daily meals to their training centre from the Daily Break café.

In fact, during the second quarter of 2020, Caroil created a training centre in Gabon specialising in drilling, well control and health and safety programmes.

Newrest confirms its position as a recognised specialist in the management of living bases in extreme environments, both onshore and offshore, for companies in the oil and gas industry in Gabon.


Wed 07 2022

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