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4 years ago

Newrest Gabon celebrated Saint Barbara’s Party with Maurel & Prom!

South africa

For the second time this year, after the celebration of 10 years of ONAL field, Maurel & Prom called on the services of Newrest Gabon within the context of a catering evening for 400 people to celebrate Saint Barbara.

Oh Saint Barbara! Who doesn’t know Saint Barbara… Everyone has heard of Saint Barbara. It is a party for the firefighters, but also for the oil tankers! It is a real highlight of the year.

On the menu: cold meats, samossas, spring rolls, skewers, noodle wok, local dishes (wild boar, salted and smoked fish), cantonese rice, bananas, cassava.

There was the remarkable presence of Michel HOCHARD, the Group’s General Manager, who came specially from France for the occasion and who warmly thanked our teams for this service.

Maurel & Prom is to date the last petroleum operator with whom we do not collaborate on Remote sites and Newrest has therefore been tested with success for the second time.


We are proud to have been able to highlight our know-how which, we hope, will allow us to work soon on one of their many onshore oil sites.

Thu 12 2019

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