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2 years ago

Newrest extends its facility management contract of the Goro mining site


The Facility management contract on the Goro mining site in New Caledonia is renewed

Newrest’s teams in New Caledonia will continue to provide facility management services for Prony Ressources at the Goro remote site where an average of 1000 people reside. The contract includes catering, accommodation, laundry, and maintenance of this mining site and its 7 satellites. In total, 2,500 meals are served each day to the staff of Prony Ressources and its co-contractors.

The “Kalolo” brand created by Newrest is a true Melanesian identity. It contributes to the well-being of residents of the remote site. Everything is done to improve the guests’ daily life and comfort. The Newrest team provides them with weight training rooms, a gym, a soccer field, a bocce field, a bowling alley, pools, and a reading room. For a complete support, a program of animations including Karaoke and Bingo games is offered by Newrest employees daily.

facility management Goro

Goro, a remote site to invest for Newrest

In a continuous improvement and partnership approach, Newrest has recently participated with Prony Ressources in the renovation of the remote site restaurant as well as in the modernization of the production equipment and kitchens.

This investment is a bet for the future. Indeed, the American car manufacturer Tesla has signed a supply contract with Prony Ressources NC. The client is committed to supplying approximately 42,000 tons of NHC over several years to refineries supplying the American carmaker’s supply chain in Asia. As a reminder, New Caledonia is the 4th largest nickel producer in the world.


Tue 12 2021

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