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7 months ago

Newrest expands its Facility Management services in Morocco.

North africa

Newrest’s Facility Management services

To meet the needs of its customers, the Group has decided to engage in a process of continuous improvement to offer solutions adapted to every challenge. Customers have new expectations: to rationalize their supplier portfolio, optimize their budget and promote the well-being of their employees.

To rise these challenges, the group diversifying its activities and introducing the Octopus by Newrest offer.

Octopus by Newrest, an integrated service solution

This offer is based on several foundations: increased performance, sustainability, lifestyle & well-being, technology.

Integrated services are structured around two main pillars:

  • SOFT FM: From reception to cleaning trough laundry, Newrest know that the proper execution of these services has a positive impact on employee productivity and well-being.
  • HARD FM: Newrest offers a whole range of building and equipment maintenance services. Situations are efficiently managed by our team to minimize business interruption.

Morocco, expert in Facility Management

More than 15 new contracts signed in Morocco since June 2022.

How to explain such a success?

Through the development of its various contracts, Newrest Morocco has acquired solid expertise in all aspects of Facility Management. However, it is above all thanks to the efforts and commitment of our team that Newrest has been able to develop its expertise in this sector.

The Facility Management contracts signed by Newrest Morocco have helped accelerate the group’s skills development and the implementation of efficient processes. The aim is now to develop this expertise worldwide in the Newrest countries.


Wed 07 2023

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