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8 months ago

Newrest expands its activities in remote site management with new contracts



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A 360° expertise by Newrest for remote site management

Thanks to its expertise and knowledge, Newrest provides the world’s largest mining, oil and gas sites with solutions for the remote site management. 360° by Newrest is the key for customers to stay on track with their core business. This solution goes far beyond catering to include the management of technical facilities, cleaning, laundry, pest control, water supply and waste management. To ensure the successful deployment of the various services, digital tools and operating systems have been put in place, providing greater accessibility and adaptability on site. Thanks to its experience, Newrest has been able to adapt its logistics to the most inaccessible areas.

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New contracts in remote site management

New customers in 4 countries around the world have requested Newrest’s expertise for the management of their remote sites.

In Peru, there are the Zafranal mines and the PAN AMERICAN SILVER mine in Huarón, who have placed their trust in Newrest’s teams to provide a quality catering service. Two new contracts in addition to the sites already managed by Newrest team in Peru, such as the Antapaccay copper mine since 2017.

In Angola, a new contract has been signed with Socamia, where the Group is providing catering services at the cereal production site that supplies the beer-making factory. The difficult access to the site requires specific logistics that Newrest team manages in totality. In due time, the aim is to find a local partner to ensure the sourcing of fresh produce, and to create a vegetable garden to be self-sufficient in aromatic herbs.

In Oman, Newrest has signed a catering and facility management contract with Cactus Premier Drilling Services for their 3 sites. On each of them, 8 Newrest collaborators are on-site every day to ensure the functioning of the sites.

In Algeria, over 650 km from Algiers, a new contract has been signed with KCA Deutag. Newrest’s aim is to provide catering, housekeeping and cleaning services for the 20 people on site at the main Hassi Messaoud site.

Thanks to years of experience and constant adaptation, Newrest has been able to earn its place in remote site management and attract new customers around the world.


Wed 06 2023

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