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Newrest Costa Rica digitizes its kitchens with SMARTBAR


For example, employees can order their meals from a smartphone or computer and have them delivered to their workstation. This service has saved the jobs of catering staff at the height of containment episodes.

A recent survey, employees who used the delivery service shows a satisfaction rating of 4.6 out of 5. “We are interested in improving cafeteria service and encourage you to purchase your meals with the application“, a company manager told employees.

Application Newrest SMARTBAR

Application Newrest SMARTBAR

The products are delicious, with an excellent presentation. You can tell they’ve been well managed and packaged. The delivery was very professional. They took all the preventive measures and the delivery man was very nice“, said Karla Martínez.

The SMARTBAR application was created for the needs of the Rail business 4 years ago. In France everyone can use it to place an order at the bar of the INOUI TGVs from their seat. Since a few months, a version dedicated to the B&I catering has been released.

It allows the consumer to order his meal in advance to take it away or have it delivered.

The application is now used in 13 countries and is becoming increasingly popular.

Wed 07 2020

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