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2 years ago

Newrest contract catering operations take steps in Chile with 8 openings


Newrest catering operations celebrate 8 openings around Chile

As most universities are returning to face-to-face classes after more than 2 years, Newrest starts catering services for 4 oh them.

The International School Nido de Aguilas is a premium school in Santiago. It counts 1600 students and 300 teachers. In total, this contract involves 1900 guests per day since the 15th of February. The site counts 2 restaurants and 4 coffee shops spread over the campus. This partner takes part in a sustainable approach. Together, Newrest and the International School implemented eco-friendly packaging, vegetarian and vegan options, sugar-free drinks and healthy snacks only as a full differential experience for students.

Since the 1st of March, Newrest counts the most prestigious university in Santiago among its partners. The Universidad Adolfo Ibañez is spread over two sites. Newrest provides catering services to 7600 daily guests though 3 restaurants and 5 coffee shops.

Two big private universities also joined Newrest’s catering catalog in Santiago. The Universidad Andres Bello counts 16.000 guests per day. On the 3rd of March, Newrest teams opened one restaurant and one coffee shop to contribute to students’ experience. On another hand, the Universidad Autonoma which is spread up on 3 sites counts 23.000 guests. Newrest opened on the 3rd and the 7th of March a total of 2 restaurants and 5 coffee shops.

Finally, on the B&I segment, Newrest is proud to now count the PDI – Policia de Investigaciones and its 100 employees among its partners since the 1st of February 2022. Teams started up with 1 restaurant and 1 coffee shop dedicated to PDI’s employees.

In all cases, costumers have the choice to consum Newrest, or eat in another place as part of a retail business.

Newrest takes care of catering services identity of its new partners with 3 original concepts

For all new partners, the branding of different catering spots has been defined before the pandemic.

All coffee shops implemented are using the Daily Break concept developed by Newrest marketing team. It is a new yorker coffee shop style catering offer. It is well adapted for chill break instants during the day, with a snacking offer. It totally matches with uses of this kind of guests and reflects their lifestyle.

Attitudes, which is the second concept deployed, refers to a real restaurant service. It invites our contract catering guests to discover the quality, taste, and variety of choice which offers the international street food made by experienced chefs, throughout a food court atmosphere.

A food-truck concept has been added to the offer to find students’ expectations and their way to consume food. Following trends, this format has been selected by the International School Nido de Aguilas’ representatives.

In addition to unique concepts, Newrest also takes its partners to the innovative stage. The Order eat solution is implemented to all contracts. It allows guests to choose and pre-order their meal through this in-house digital solution.

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Tue 03 2022

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