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7 months ago

Newrest Angola wins new offshore and onshore contracts!

South africa

On September 1, Newrest teams boarded the hotel barge Edda Fides for the client Ostensjo Rederi. It is a Norwegian offshore service company, for whom the group is delighted to be able to serve the 400 people on board daily. In addition to the catering services, the group is providing laundry and cleaning on board this EXXON-operated vessel on Block 15.

After more than 10 years, the groups has reunited with Sonangol, the state-owned company responsible for the exploitation and production of oil and natural gas in Angola. On September 1st, Newrest Angola teams boarded the FPSO Palanca and the Nunce Barge, located on Block 3, to serve over 400 people daily for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. To meet this new challenge, the group has hired around a hundred people.

Newrest has been working with the beverage manufacturer Castel Group for over 7 years, and have built up a strong business relationship over the years. Today, Castel Group has entrusted Newrest Group with the opening of their ECN plant in Lubango, in the South of Angola. This new site represents a particular source of pride for Newrest Angola, as it is the first time working in the south of the country.

This contract joins the 8 other sites Newrest operate accross the country. The teams are now ready to serve 170 guests daily.

These contracts also open the door to new opportunities. In fact, Sonangol has a number of sites such as its headquarters, training centers, refineries, schools and a hospital that could use our services… To be continued!

Wed 10 2023

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