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Newrest and ONCF organised a cooking contest in Tangier station

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The first cooking contest open to Al Boraq travellers organised by Newrest in Morocco and ONCF

For launching the new menu proposed on board Al Boraq, the Moroccan high speed train; ONCF and Newrest have organized a special event. For the first time, a recipe from the menu is imagined by a cooking lover, winner of an amateur cooking contest.

The participants of the contest sent their recipes to the pre-selection jury composed of ONCF and Newrest teams. 8 participants were invited to come and take part in the live cooking show at the Tangier station.

The winning recipe was chosen by Cheffe Khadija, muse of the Chhiwat Mama menu and famous member of the jury of the Master Chef Morocco.

During the cooking show, Cheffe cooked the recipe of Lalla Amal, the winner of the contest. The two women shared a moment of conviviality around gastronomy. All of this under the watchful eyes of the passengers passing through Tangier station, spectators of the cooking show.

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The favourite recipe chosen by the jury is featured in the new 2022 summer menu

Since 25 May, travellers have been discovering the new “Chhiwat mama” menu on board Al Boraq, with its summery and colourful flavours.

The recipes of Cheffe Khadija and the winner of the cooking contest are featured:

– Cheffe Khadija’s new recipe is the fish sandwich B’Khardoula: fish fillet with aubergine, courgettes, tomatoes and onions. The “Khardoula” is simply a tajine where the sweet flavours of the vegetables blend together. A sunny recipe adapted to the summer season.

– The sandwich of the winner of the competition, Lalla Amal, is a revisited recipe of the famous Tanjia, an essential dish of Marrakech. Tanjia is a delicious specialty made from marinated meat cooked in an earthenware pot over the embers for hours.

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Newrest Wagons-Lits, expertise on board trains

Because every trip counts, Newrest Wagons-Lits is eager to create an exceptional experience by offering the best day and night train services for the 17 million passengers served each year. Experienced teams are able to offer supply chain management as well as advanced technologies.

The group has made a name for itself in high-speed train services. On-board catering being one of the group’s specialties, Newrest has developed it in the railway sector in 8 countries including Morocco. Newrest in Morocco has shown its capacity of innovate through this culinary animation and the group hopes to develop similar projects worldwide.


Tue 05 2022

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