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Let’s go party with our brand-new program FESTIVE!





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For this 2020/2021 back-to-school season, we are all going together to discover the biggest parties in the world, those gathering the largest number of people from the 4 corners of the globe. Every month, you will find, in our restaurants all over the world, traditional and unusual festivals during which music enchants the spirits, parades invade the streets, and fireworks light up the sky. 

This year, our chefs went to discover these special celebrations for our guests and brought back unique culinary specialties, but also traditions and ancestral customs that we wanted to share with you, our dearest audience.  

At any age, the party transports us. Thus, our FESTIVE program leaves none of our guests behind! The youngest, adults and seniors will have the opportunity to discover new cultures and traditions, the countries of the world associated with each festival but also the various cuisines of the world. It will also allow them to keep their senses on the alert thanks to new taste proposals, new flavors and new smells.  

Finally, FESTIVE is also a good way to unsettle routines and turn mealtime into a friendly and fun moment!  

You may not recognize all the parties we have chosen, but each of them tells a story that we wanted to share with you.  

Check out the program calendar with a new party to experience each month! 

See you next month for our first gourmet news with FESTIVE!


Thu 09 2020

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