Heroes of Change
3 months ago

Launch of our annual internal CSR competition: Heroes of Change









North africa


South africa

Newrest rewards CSR initiatives undertaken by its collaborators.

Heroes of Change is Newrest’s CSR competition to reward projects undertaken by Newrest teams around the world.

Throwback to last year contest

Last year, the Jury Prize was awarded to the Gabonese team of the P.A.P.L project ( Projets d’Appui aux Populations Locales ), which supports local populations both socially and economically.

The Public Prize was awarded to the Angolan team from the From Oil to Soap project, which works with an association to teach Angolans how to make soap from used oil from Newrest’s kitchens.

Read more about their project : https://media.newrest.eu/fr/actualites/concours-heroes-of-change-2023-decouvrez-nos-2-projets-rse-gagnants/


2024 edition : What’s new ?

This year, the contest will welcome a new dimension.


Two new leagues are rewarded this year:

  • The “CSR Revelation”: a CSR project linked to a CSR theme and started less than 12 months ago.
  • The “CSR Champion”: a CSR initiative linked to several CSR themes and launched more than 12 months ago.


Through this “Heroes of Change” competition, the Group is highlighting all the concrete actions implemented throughout the world by Newrest employees, who are real drivers of change within the Group.


The results will be announced on 10 June. Stay tuned!

Thu 04 2024

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