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2 years ago

Kalolo by Newrest wins over New Caledonia!


Customer satisfaction is the priority at Newrest. The teams in New Caledonia have launched a satisfaction survey in order to better understand customer expectations. Because consumer trends evolve rapidly, it is essential to question our customers in order to seduce them.

81% of customers are satisfied with the catering service currently offered on the “Grand Sud” mining site in New Caledonia. Indeed, this Kalolo by Newrest concept, with its local flavours, aims to combine eating habits and contemporary culinary trends. Thus, “healthy food” and “crudey food” or minute cooking of vegetable-based dishes, would be the next trends expected by our customers.

In terms of “Accommodation & Amenities” services at the base, our customers are 76% satisfied.

Newrest offers a 360° service including reception, accommodation, laundry, entertainment and maintenance. The teams are always ready to take care of their customers, to ensure that they are taken care of efficiently and comfortably throughout their stay.


Fri 05 2022

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