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In Atlanta, the airline catering unit’s work environment upgrades


A brand-new cafeteria to boost Atlanta unit’s work environment

The cafeteria dedicated solely to Newrest’s Atlanta unit for Delta airline catering opened in September, the first. It has a capacity of 120 seats. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are free of charge to employees. In addition to a full catering offer, two refrigerators are available to employees’ uses as well as vending machines.

The cafeteria has been entirely designed for the well-being of employees, boosting the employees’ relaxation feeling. The furniture invites Newrest’s collaborators to relax with an opening space that lets daylight enter into the room, a genuine green wall with its own irrigation system, various relaxation areas including sofas, and contemporary furniture. Regarding the catering offer, it has been studied to ensure a large diet satisfaction: a free soda fountain, a cold food offer, mixed salads, a vegetarian option and a protein option are provided every day.

CSR objectives are highlighted in the cafeteria using recyclable cutlery, the use of eco-plastic for packaging and a global policy encouraging zero plastic. QHSE standards that meet global pandemic security needs are also ensured: a cafeteria maintenance team keeps the service in order and regularly disinfects the premises.

While very positive feedback was received from employees at inauguration, Newrest is already planning an exterior extension to the canteen to provide a patio to it’s employees.

work environment Atlanta unit

Newrest revolutionizes the team’s work environment by introducing the unit to beekeeping

Newrest installed beehives on its site in April 2021, just days after opening, to meet its well-being oriented goals. The objective of this initiative is to provide honey to each employee working on the site, and to develop the local production of its products. This activity also allows employees to become aware of beekeeping. Every 15 days, employees can participate in the maintenance of the beehive, increasing their education and taste of discovery. Newrest thus rewards its employees by including them in original and responsible actions.

While the two Newrest beehives hosted 7,000 bees at their launch, 10,000 bees now cohabit within the unit. The Group raises them locally with the help of a professional beekeeper. Although no harvest is possible this year, 20 to 22kg of honey should be produced next spring.

This initiative for the well-being of employees is 100% managed by Newrest. The beehives are designed and painted entirely by the caterer who wished to co-brand the furniture with the Delta logo. The Group is proud to count among the most prolific productions of the beekeeper. It allows the projection of the installation of a 3rd hive in the spring.

This action reflects the Newrest’s total involvement in all its new challenges. This taste for surpassing oneself is part of its DNA.

work environment Atlanta unit


Thu 09 2021

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