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The first “Chefs Unlimited” Seminar for Newrest, has occured in Türkiye!

Newrest has reunited Chefs from all over the world during a two-days seminar, in Istanbul.

A first for the Group

It is the first time for Newrest organizing a Chef’s seminar for the whole Group, present in 56 countries.

The seminar is the opportunity for Newrest’s chefs from across the globe to gather in Istanbul, sharing best practices, training themselves and enhancing their skills.

This event will last 2 days, occurring in the Studio of the TV shows Master Chef Türkiye, and will be full of workshops, interventions, and moment of life.

Culminating in the “Chefs Unlimited Challenge” on the second day, this grand cooking challenge will see the participation of 50 chefs, making it the highlight of the event.

Aurélie Gueguen-René, Group COO Asia, Pacific, Middle East & Africa: “It’s a great pride to bring the Chefs together in Türkiye, as COO I work a lot with our Turkish partners and it is an honor to celebrate this seminar in Istanbul, a culinary capital!”

Honoring the Newrest Parıltım partnership

Istanbul is the city linking Europe and Asia, straddles the Bosphorus, the channel that links the Black and Marmara Seas. Istanbul is Türkiye’s most important city, with an incredible cultural vibrancy. It is the perfect match between several cultures, and the symbol of worldwide culinary expertise.

Newrest will honor his five years fruitful partnership with the Aydin family, through Newrest Parıltım, the Group’s subsidiary in Türkiye during this unprecedented seminar.

Bahadir Aydin, General Manager of Newrest Parıltım : “We started our partnership with Newrest Group 5 years ago and today we continue to grow as a company and invest in our country. It is very valuable to organize Newrest Group’s first chef seminar in Türkiye in the 5th year of our partnership. Chefs from 50 different countries brought together their gastronomy knowledge, gained new knowledge and created delicious recipes here.”

Mon 04 2024

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